Die Festung Rockt! 2019

I am finally done with editing the Festung Rockt pics! It was a blast as usual and I can’t wait for next year. It was so lovely to meet my fellow photographers again and be in the pit. It is so nice to see the community come together through music at this festival that is organized by volunteers of all ages. Of course, as always they had some amazing bands playing including some local talents like Roadkill BBQ and The Riot Robots but also international goodies like Days N’ Daze and NH3!

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Die Festung Rockt! 2018

Finally, the day has come to invade the castle and fill it with loud music. On my way to Kronach, I already met some festival goers getting in the mood on the train. It was a nice and hot summer’s day what wouldn’t have been a problem at all if the festival area wasn’t on the top of a terrible hill but that couldn’t keep me or the fans away. After going through the security check I was all ready to get set up for the first band.Read More »