Delta Moon

Me knowing a band well and for longer than a month before photographing them is rather the exception I have to admit and a questionable method for sure but also a very exciting one. With this band, Delta Moon, well let’s say we have a bit of a history before I got around to shoot and finally meet them at the wonderful and pretty small venue that is the Museumskeller Erfurt. Read More »

Rockin’ Carbonara

So here we are, still that Thursday in Bamberg, covered in sweat and sunscreen with my loyal friend the backpack and a wide grin on my face. Right after leaving the Maxplatz I made my way to the Pegasus Stage to get myself into some fantastic rockabilly madness. I want to be honest and say when I first did my obligatory 5 minutes of research I wasn’t sure if I should reach out to them and ask for permission or not. But as soon as I listened to one of their songs there was no more doubt left to stop me.Read More »

Super Cumbia Y La Liga De La Alegría

While looking through this year’s lineup of the Blues & Jazz Festival Bamberg one band especially caught my attention: Super Cumbia Y La Liga De La Alegría. It was not only the unique and long name that made me click on their description but rather their incredibly fun looking promo photo. A bunch of people in homemade superhero costumes. I just had to find out who they are and I was not at all disappointed when I first heard their song: “La vida está hecha pa’ otra cosa” what roughly translates to “Life is made for something else”.  As I felt that smile growing on my face and my body slightly moving to the beat, I knew I had to go and see them. What a great decision that was.Read More »

Die Festung Rockt! 2018

Finally, the day has come to invade the castle and fill it with loud music. On my way to Kronach, I already met some festival goers getting in the mood on the train. It was a nice and hot summer’s day what wouldn’t have been a problem at all if the festival area wasn’t on the top of a terrible hill but that couldn’t keep me or the fans away. After going through the security check I was all ready to get set up for the first band.Read More »

Jeanine Vahldiek Band

It’s been maybe a year that I saw this wonderful duo for the first time and they just blew me away with their light-hearted energy making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Seeing them for the second time didn’t take away anything even though I knew what I was getting. Their music is so honest, positive and touching not only due to Jeanine’s incredible harp play but also the true-to-life lyrics and the connection between the two musicians.Read More »


Devilizer is one of the bands I’ve known personally for ages and I’ve seen them live a few times as well. These four young men from Kulmbach and surroundings are celebrating their ten year anniversary already this year. They started out as a Metal cover band but slowly and steadily they started to write their own songs and kept dragging more and more people into their music. Devilizer pick up are influenced by big bands like Dream Theater and In Flames but managed to find their own style pretty soon that isn’t scared of a little bit of experimenting.Read More »

The Dazed

Here we have a case of “know them for ages, never saw them live” syndrome I needed to cure really fast and so I did. The band has been around since 2005 when the boys were still going to school and then in 2010 they got their singer Monti on board and were complete. Their first album called “The Dazed” came out in 2013 together with a music video for the song “Further Faster Higher”.  Just a few days ago I made my way to Würzburg to see them in the famous Omnibus.Read More »

Albion Place

I was able to accompany these four young men from New Zealand on their way to lose their “Australian Virginity” meaning playing their first gig in Downunder. These guys from Dunedin, NZ are probably one of the most laidback musicians I have ever met and their music reflects that. In 2017, Albion Place have so far completed three national tours and released two singles from their debut album.  Read More »