Young Fast Running Man

Just like every year since August 2017 I make my way to Bamberg to explore the best bands, or let’s say the gems, the Tucher Blues & Jazz Festival has to offer. This year I upped my game and decided to visit three bands and the first one was Young Fast Running Man, an aspiring group of Blues musicians from Bavaria, Germany. Oh boy, once again my musical intuition did not disappoint me.

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Die Festung Rockt! 2019

I am finally done with editing the Festung Rockt pics! It was a blast as usual and I can’t wait for next year. It was so lovely to meet my fellow photographers again and be in the pit. It is so nice to see the community come together through music at this festival that is organized by volunteers of all ages. Of course, as always they had some amazing bands playing including some local talents like Roadkill BBQ and The Riot Robots but also international goodies like Days N’ Daze and NH3!

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San2 & His Soul Patrol

Another German musician and needless to say I was excited also because I never photographed a Soul band before. Of course, it was amazing and I am surprised I haven’t heard of this band before but then I usually haven’t heard of most bands I shoot these days. As usual, I went in pretty much completely blind, not knowing what I will be facing and it was groovy.

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Liz & The Lions

This concert has been a bit of a happy accident for me if I am allowed to say that. Of course, I mean that in a very positive way and I am honestly very happy that I ended up at this gig. As you know I usually go to a lot more heavier and harder sounding events and I kinda forgot how important it is to slow down every once in a while. Liz really reminded me of that and took away a lot of that harshness everyday life has the habit of throwing at you.ay life has the habit of throwing at you.

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Pale Heart

Despite living in Germany my whole life pretty much, I don’t get the chance to photograph German bands that often which is actually a bit sad. Personally, I get the feeling that we don’t have that many bands here that write their own music, especially younger musicians compared to for example Australia (or maybe I am just super ignorant who knows). This only means I am a lot more grateful I had the opportunity to come across Pale Heart and was able to experience one of their concerts first hand. Spoiler alert: it was really really really good.

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Looking back at 2018

2018 has been a very busy and extremely important year for me, so join me while I walk down memory lane and look at some of my favourite pics from the past few months. This year has been completely crazy, I am overwhelmed and I don’t really have the words to describe how thankful I am for everything that has happened, even for the not so great things.

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Delta Moon

Me knowing a band well and for longer than a month before photographing them is rather the exception I have to admit and a questionable method for sure but also a very exciting one. With this band, Delta Moon, well let’s say we have a bit of a history before I got around to shoot and finally meet them at the wonderful and pretty small venue that is the Museumskeller Erfurt. Read More »