Hello there!

My name is Carina if you don’t already know that and I am the founder of this little thing here. Music has always been a passion of mine especially as I happened to spend most of my life volunteering at a small live music venue my father has founded. That venue is also where I fell in love with bands rarely anyone ever heard of and the beauty of playing detective to actually find those gems. Occasionally I also enjoy listening to and seeing shows of better known bands.

One thing that always surprised me was how little the average person worked on discovering new music and rather stuck to what they already know. I would love to change that. Furthermore I am a firm believer that music and art can help build empathy in people which seems to get less and less these days. Music often confronts us with other people’s emotions and to get the full experience we eventually will have to open up and let it get to us.

Most bands I get to see I have little to no knowledge about and that is where it gets exciting. The majority of the words you will encounter on this website stem from a first impression and it is mainly meant to encourage people to just go out there, pick up a 10$ ticket to a band they never heard of and just enjoy the show. (But also for me to have a place to put my experiences into words and share my passion with others)

I started concert photography back in 2015 at the venue I used to call my home and since then it never let me go. I am a blues fanatic at heart but obviously I am open to anything that might catch my attention. This kind of work followed me like a shadow since I started and even accompanied me overseas to Australia for a while before I returned to Germany.

Hopefully you will stick around and discover a few bands or maybe even get inspired by what I am doing. Either way I hope to see you soon.