Young Fast Running Man

Just like every year since August 2017 I make my way to Bamberg to explore the best bands, or let’s say the gems, the Tucher Blues & Jazz Festival has to offer. This year I upped my game and decided to visit three bands and the first one was Young Fast Running Man, an aspiring group of Blues musicians from Bavaria, Germany. Oh boy, once again my musical intuition did not disappoint me.

Wednesday afternoon I made my way to Bamberg, Frankonia to follow my quest on discovering new music to share with you people. As I arrived on said day the weather was not in our favour but it did indeed suit the bluesy mood. Me, myself and I checked into the hostel, made the bed and packed our stuff to hike into the city where the concert would take place later that afternoon. For the people that don’t already know the Tucher Blues & Jazz Festival is an outdoor festival in the middle of this old city that was lucky enough to not get bombed during World War II which means the old core is still intact. It is in fact very beautiful. Anyway, outdoor + rain + camera isn’t exactly the best combination so what did very smart me do? Yes, she prepared herself to endure this kind of weather. I had already brought a garbage bag that I could wrap my DSLR in, all that was left to do was to replace the umbrella with the most obnoxious looking rain poncho woman could find at the drug store. Furthermore, I finally replaced my self sewn lens holster I made out of a banana themed bag and treated myself to a belt bag. Best purchase I’ve made in a while.

Restless I was wandering around the Pegasus Stage at the Gabelmann listening to the sweet rhythms of the soundcheck. Letting those soothing sounds come over to me I could feel my fingers already itching as I haven’t been shooting a gig since May which felt like an eternity. The corners of my mouth were forming into a smile by now and my foot was joining the beat of the drums and this was only the soundcheck. Looking around I could see that despite the weather I wasn’t the only one who came around early. An old couple came close and unfolded a massive canvas cover so they could sit down in front of the stage whilst being protected by their rain ponchos. The sounds stopped and I introduced myself to the band of which 50% I already knew due to them playing with someone I photographed there in 2017. After we exchanged some friendly words they were kind enough to let me store my bag backstage to keep it dry. I felt more than ready to go at it.

Now how about we continue with the actual concert itself? It was still raining as it started and my trusty obnoxious rain poncho, the garbage bag with a hole and I were ready to get at it. As the first few notes were finding their way to my ears I immediately felt my shoulders pull away from my head. A deep breath escaped my lungs as my hands guided the camera towards my opened eye. Soon nothing else but the music seemed to be left in existence. Rarely does anything get me like a good Blues does and oh boy was it good. Fabian’s deep smoky voice filled the air with its relaxed expressive energy as his hands slid up and down his guitar picking the strings one by one forming fairly emotional and heartfelt melodies. His slight German accent was rather charming than distracting like it often can be. The songs all felt very honest and dynamic but delicate and carefully crafted. The chosen topics touched the usual Blues themes while a personal touch was added which draws you closer to the music itself and helps to find yourself getting lost in it. All in all a soft and comfortable space was created that evening that just sucked you into it while the band guided you through it. Loads of variation could be found and the 2+ hours rushed by way too quickly.

The dynamic between the 4 band members seemed just right. They complimented each other musically in a way that felt like up to this point they did nothing else but make music together. The band members all felt to be equally important which often times isn’t the case when you have such a central figure that stands out also known as a frontman. The few parts where Fabian actually stepped aside to give the stage to Michael, Karlos and Sebastian reinforced this feeling of equality which was refreshing to me not gonna lie. The sounds occured very smoothely but rough and a little dirty which weirdly enough just added to the already existing harmony that takes place in blues and its sub genres. But to be fair is it part of Blues if there isn’t even a little bit of dirt involved? I also enjoyed the added Folk elements which I have never encountered thus far in such a way.

Let’s bring this to a close shall we? All in all what a way to start this year’s Tucher Blues & Jazz Festival for me. As always I am really glad I stumbled upon this band and I definitley recommend to check them out if you are into Blues which you probably are, considering you are reading any of my stuff. Hopefully this won’t be the last time we will be hearing from them. Furthermore, 2019 seems to be the year I get to dive deeper into the German music scene which is a very lovely thing for sure. Remember to support your local music scene y’all!