San2 & His Soul Patrol

Another German musician and needless to say I was excited also because I never photographed a Soul band before. Of course, it was amazing and I am surprised I haven’t heard of this band before but then I usually haven’t heard of most bands I shoot these days. As usual, I went in pretty much completely blind, not knowing what I will be facing and it was groovy.

Not related to the concert but funny enough I met some old friends there I haven’t seen in years. The former drummer of a band that I saw before I even started photography. It was a very pleasant surprise and he recognized me immediately which was super cute. Anyway, let’s make this post a quick one for a change.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I go back to that evening is definitely San2. He really carries the band with his energy. Pretty much what you expect a frontman to be. It wasn’t forced either so it was quite comfortable to watch and experience. The band, in general, had great and fun energy going on which for me as the photographer is quite important. Just makes it easier to get nice photos. Chapeau to the band. These guys are brilliant and an even bigger chapeau to the pianist Elias who is my age if I remember correctly. So much unrecognized talent in one room but it often is that way honestly which is pretty sad.

The music was very smooth and groovy like the kind of music you’d have on on a nice sunny spring Sunday afternoon. It makes even the biggest party pooper wanna move in their seat. It is fun, easy and lighthearted. It takes the people right where they are standing and it is pretty much impossible to not be taken away by the groove.