Liz & The Lions

This concert has been a bit of a happy accident for me if I am allowed to say that. Of course, I mean that in a very positive way and I am honestly very happy that I ended up at this gig. As you know I usually go to a lot more heavier and harder sounding events and I kinda forgot how important it is to slow down every once in a while. Liz really reminded me of that and took away a lot of that harshness everyday life has the habit of throwing at you.ay life has the habit of throwing at you.

It is a bit of a strange story how I actually ended up in Erfurt that night. It wasn’t planned at first and please don’t take this the wrong way but Liz & The Lions wasn’t my first choice for my March gig. I hoped to photograph a different band but due to personal reasons I just couldn’t manage to message them on time and looked for a substitute so to say. I stumbled upon this lovely lady and was very happy that I got such a fast and nice reply. Little did I know at that point that this would be a lot different from what I thought it would be.

Let’s keep this whole pre-gig thing a bit shorter today for a change. I went to the Museumskeller as usual and somehow got myself into a nice conversation as usual. I had a very lovely and nice talk with Liz’ husband who I didn’t even know was her husband until a bit later because I never do my 5 minutes of research. He is an amazing photographer by the way but this whole thing here is supposed to be about music so (sadly) we have to leave that for now.

Mr Kid from Erfurt opened the evening and it was a delight. You rarely get to see guitarists that are talented in the way he is these days. In a way, he reminded me of Attila Vural who I saw just a few nights ago. Very precise, very skilled and you just couldn’t look away from his hands. I really should keep an eye on that guy.

I am going to be honest here as always. It is a bit hard to describe what Liz & The Lions felt like for me so I will write some strange stuff and hope it makes sense. It was one of these moments where everything just makes sense. Listening to her play and sing created this space of soft comfort. The lyrics hit a bit too close to home but it didn’t hurt because at the same time it carries and heals you. The used metaphors were so accurate and beautiful it felt a bit like a vacation to a different world. She put a lot of things into words that I wouldn’t be able to describe. At first, it was strange simply because these (animal) metaphors seem weird but then it made perfect sense. In a way, it didn’t feel like your usual concert it felt very intimate and personal like a bunch of friends coming together to just talk and have a nice evening. Liz made herself vulnerable and she invites you to do the same. I believe that you get the most joy out of music (and art) if you make yourself vulnerable and let it get to you and let it enter you. Liz & The Lions is the perfect example of why you should do that whenever you go to a concert, listen to music, look at art etc. Liz even combines these things and creates these extremely nice booklets for her albums which are just stunning and elevate the experience even more.

I can’t even say how much I needed that evening and this concert. I walked out of the Museumskeller like I just had a week of vacation and this whole experience walked with me for a few days after that (still does). It was one of these moments where you just know you were supposed to be there. That for some strange reason life wanted you to go. It was one of these nights that simply tell you that it can be worth holding on to things and that make life a little bit better. Things might not be good in the end but one thing is for sure “We Will Be Ok”.