I returned to the Museumskeller Erfurt and also went back to my old “I don’t know this band but their music sounds pretty cool. Let’s do this” – rule. Also, I mean who can resist some Hammond Organ goodness and those sweet psychedelic sounds.

So yeah I got myself into quite a situation with this one, to be honest. The concert was on a Thursday night which brings two problems for me personally: First, the last train home goes an hour earlier (which turned out to not be such a big problem) and second, I have uni until 6 pm and it takes some time to get to Erfurt. Of course, I was also walking around with my terribly heavy camera bag all day, left uni earlier and funny enough happened to get lost on my way to the train station…

Let’s not get too lost in details this time and get straight to the concert. DeWolff was supported by the Dawn Brothers that night and I have to say it was pretty awesome. The Dawn Brothers’ music isn’t exactly close to the psychedelic Southern Rock sounds DeWolff has to offer. It is a lot funkier and danceable so to say, even I couldn’t resist to get out some of my goofy dance moves and the crowd loved it as well. A really good choice for an opener in my opinion. (Sweet Love is playing at my place all the time now oops)

Everyone who follows my work for a while already knows about my love for Hammond Organ and I gotta admit it might have even gotten a bit bigger that night. Seeing that instrument on stage always makes my heart beat a little faster. Alright let’s do this…

So yeah the DeWolff boys got on stage and the already hyped up crowd became even hotter. They played a bunch of their new songs from their latest album “Thrust” that came out this year but also some older ones including “Tired Of Loving You” which I am a huge fan of by the way. At first, I was a bit afraid I won’t make it to the end of the concert but then they played not as long as I expected which in this case was actually good (I don’t have anything against shorter concerts, to be honest, au contraire actually.) It was the right amount of live music for me that night and I was completely on time for my train home.

Unfortunately though (how else could it be) I wasn’t able to talk to them because I lacked the time and also because people kept pushing me aside!  So after a while, I was a tiny bit pissed and I had to leave anyway to catch the last train home…

Location: Museumskeller, Erfurt

Date: 22/11/2018

Band: DeWolff (Support Dawn Brothers)