Jeanine Vahldiek Band

It’s been maybe a year that I saw this wonderful duo for the first time and they just blew me away with their light-hearted energy making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Seeing them for the second time didn’t take away anything even though I knew what I was getting. Their music is so honest, positive and touching not only due to Jeanine’s incredible harp play but also the true-to-life lyrics and the connection between the two musicians.


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The first time I saw them the already small venue was barely filled and thank goodness this time around more people took the chance to experience this magical duo. Furthermore, the audience was respectful and didn’t talk from the first to the last tone the two of them played.

Just seeing this harp on stage made my heart race faster as you don’t see these instruments that often anymore and furthermore not in a such a musical context. Their songs are influenced by Pop, Rock, and Jazz and fans even describe their sound as Reggae-ish but one thing their music is for sure: unique and coming from the heart. Just like the majority of the crowd I was taken away and consumed by their music immediately. It somewhat opened my heart and helped me to just take it easy for once. The philosophical lyrics hit right into the soul and found their place there filling it with lightness and positivity. Everything seemed to be just right. Jeanine on her harp and Steffen on percussion is by far one of the best pairings in music I experienced so far.

After giving the audience two encores the two musicians were talking with the enormously happy crowd and sold their CDs. Leaving everyone including me with a smile on their faces and lightness in their hearts.



Location: TECnet Obermain, Küps

Date: 25/05/2018

Band: Jeanine Vahldiek Band