Devilizer is one of the bands I’ve known personally for ages and I’ve seen them live a few times as well. These four young men from Kulmbach and surroundings are celebrating their ten year anniversary already this year. They started out as a Metal cover band but slowly and steadily they started to write their own songs and kept dragging more and more people into their music. Devilizer pick up are influenced by big bands like Dream Theater and In Flames but managed to find their own style pretty soon that isn’t scared of a little bit of experimenting.


At this specific concert, the band introduced their first album that they have been working on since December 2014. Unfortunately the CDs weren’t down yet but to keep the fans happy they brought their brand new T-shirts. Some of them they even gave away for free. The album will be available on the 29th of June this year and not only can you buy it at their concerts but also at Amazon, it will also be on iTunes and Spotify.


There is not a lot to say about the concert. It was opened by BC’69 the band of Philip’s father that also happens to play the bass. After a short break, the Metal band went on stage and gave everyone a good time and some great music to headbang to. The energy between the members is just stunning, the way they play together is incredible and leaves no space for mistakes. Furthermore, these guys are just funny and charming and definitely worth checking out.