The Dazed

Here we have a case of “know them for ages, never saw them live” syndrome I needed to cure really fast and so I did. The band has been around since 2005 when the boys were still going to school and then in 2010 they got their singer Monti on board and were complete. Their first album called “The Dazed” came out in 2013 together with a music video for the song “Further Faster Higher”.  Just a few days ago I made my way to Würzburg to see them in the famous Omnibus. My first impression of the venue was “surprised” as it is an old and pretty small cellar that was turned into a live music venue. When I arrived the band was still setting up (I was super early, to be honest),  had a look around and realized how awful the lighting was down here: a few lightbulbs and ONE red LED. The horror for every photographer.


But as soon as they started playing I realized that the lighting was not going to be a problem as these young men were showing me such great energy and movements, working together like there wasn’t a tomorrow like their destiny was to stand on that stage and play together. It was incredible as they were playing Led Zepplin, Deep Purple and their own songs. I was blown away when the played the self-composed song “Honkey Katonkey Lou” and Dominic Walther, the guitarist, took out a violin bow and started playing on his Les Paul with it creating a wonderful and haunting sound (and of course some great photo opportunities). All in all a fantastic and pretty long concert (about three! hours) and an unforgettable event.



Location: Omnibus, Würzburg

Date: 06/04/2018

Band: The Dazed